Our Ducks Have Started Laying!

The beautiful Pekin ducks we hatched earlier this year have started to lay - what a wonderful surprise!  We knew they would start sometime soon, but it is always a discovery when you move your animals and find eggs inside for the first time. Very proud of our little team of ducks and what they have achieved so far.

Conversations around the water-cooler

Their food ration has been simple grain and pasture - they particularly enjoy the clover, and that’s essentially it.  Very low fuss, very adaptable to Victoria’s (our state) variable weather and are much ‘easier’ on the ground as they don’t scratch like chickens do.  They’ve put on plenty of weight too and would be a considerable meal dressed out.

For the moment we are going to enjoy them, channel their outputs towards land regeneration and see if this could be something we could expand on; even as an enterprise for our customers.

From little things big things grow.

Only a few hours old