Scrimp & Scrape

'The poor man always pays twice.' This is a saying that really challenged me this past month.  One of the things I really enjoy about farming is the makeshift solutions you have to come up with in the field.  A piece of hay bale string can hold a gate open while you carry something through into the next paddock.  Perhaps its an old gutter you repurpose into a chicken feeder that saves money and works just as well as something new and shiny from the feed store.

But like all things in life there is a need for balance, in this case, balance between financial efficiency and just being a tight-arse.

Old wood pallets slotted onto star pickets to form a corral.

Using old pallets on star pickets to herd the pigs in to the trailer worked pretty well for a time, but when they grow to a certain size and one of them decides not to oblige and walk over you, things can get a little dangerous.  It's times like these you you just have to bite the bullet and invest in a professional solution.

Portable yards that can be used for pigs and sheep.

Cutting into the savings account hurt, but not as much as the bumps and bruises.  Once the portable yards were up and ready for use I was a little angry with myself for not having done this sooner.  I have now loaded pigs a couple of times and the process has been pretty smooth sailing, quick and efficient and better for the animals and me.

Farming is a great teacher and from now on 'the poor man must always think twice' before putting off investment where it's due.