Smoked Goods

My experience of farming has these significant moments dotted throughout the journey. Eating your first home grown tomato, the taste of your first pasture raised chicken or how sweet an apricot can be straight from the tree.


This week held a new moment for us - our Woodland Pork as smoked goods.

Our packs of bacon, sliced ham, chorizo and cabana arrived and we were very keen to try them all out.  For the next few days we did overindulge, but you really need to know your own products, right? :)

They truly are wood smoked and free of chemical nitrates - the taste and texture really has to be experienced to be believed.  As one of our customers said, 'It's like I'm eating bacon for the first time.'

We really are proud to offer this to our customers and it is another example of what natural food can be like in a world where bigger, faster, fatter, cheaper is the ethos to growing food.