Pasture Raised Chicken Price Increase

We love what we do here on our family farm, the work is very rewarding, but can also be tough at times. There have been significant increases in the cost to produce our Pasture Raised Chickens. Some of these are due to increased government regulation, while others are penalties we incur for not producing numbers comparable to industrial levels.

This has caused an inevitable price rise to ensure we can continue to make them available to our customers.

A big part of Life On The Land is providing our customers with a direct connection to their food source; this also includes the business aspects of production and I would like to share these with you below:

- 30% price increase of day-old chicks - Increased feed costs due to an unusually dry summer and failed crops - Price increase for chicken processing given our smaller numbers - An additional penalty fee for chicken processing due to minimum numbers not being met (industrial scale is typically in the thousands)

We see an industrial food system that does not support small farms and yet we continue in our endeavour to make nutrient-dense food available for people who value the role food plays in our health and wellbeing. We truly hope this information has empowered you and hope for your continued support.

Pasture Raised Chickens - 1.5kg-2.0+kg Single Chicken = $30 ($20-$15 per kilo) Family Pack = $140 (five chickens @ $28 each = $18.66-$14 per kilo)

Pasture Raised Chickens