Your Local Farmer

‘Well, what do you want to be?’

It was a simple question, but one that led to an important change.

Life On The Land began as a blog. Then it became a lifestyle. Now it is a developing business. The farming principals have never been stronger, but it was the journey towards serving customers that made me re-think the approach.

There is an incredible hunger for knowledge from our growing customer base. A need to better connect with the land, their food and the people who raised it had me answering so many interesting questions:

  • But don’t all cows eat grass?

  • Why isn’t your food cheap like the supermarkets?

  • Why did you run out of produce?

I found my responses built a deeper appreciation of farming and the bond between farmer and customer naturally grew stronger. I knew I needed to do more.

Agriculture is complicated - environmental impacts, government regulations, business, finance, health and nutrition. At times I struggle to see a clear path towards serving others through such murky waters.

But here's what I’m going to do. I will share what I know with you. I will create more content and actively seek more of your feedback. I will share my views, raw and uncensored, even when it goes against popular opinion. I will be vulnerable. But most of all, I will continue to work my butt off to create the most nutrient-dense food for you.

Now, what name do I give this thing?

Here’s where I come back to the original question. ‘Well, what do you want to be?’

The answer was embarrassingly simple.

I want to be your local farmer.

So the business has been renamed to say exactly that: Your Local Farmer.

From little things, big things grow and my family and I would love to have you along for the ride.

Steve ZezosComment